Charge Management

MOBILEcharge provides energy demand forecasts and reports, monitors charging processes and ensures balanced charge management to avoid expensive peak loads in the network.


















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Intelligent Charging Processes

Intelligent charging processes incorporating operational data, variable electricity tariffs, energy storage and vehicle data


Active diagnostics and remote control of charging points and transformers


Easy Integration in the application landscape between ITCS, depot management system and energy supplier


Using the VDV 463 and VDV 261 standards (for preconditioning)

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MOBILEcharge: Charging E-Buses Efficiently

We coordinate your growing electric bus fleet and make ideal use of the given charging windows in the depot and on the route through charging management. Our management system ensures parallel, controlled and automated charging processes. It links charging points, energy supply and operational information systems. The result is a balanced charge management system that takes into consideration your operational requirements, lower peak power and the use of cost-effective energy tariffs.

Why MOBILEcharge?

Centralized Charge Management

Streamlined monitoring and control during operation and charging of the entire fleet

Optimized Charging Performance

Parallel, controlled and automated charging processes

Batterie Saving

Protection of the battery by balancing the total current load

Valueable Insights & Actionable Advice

Gain valuable insights in real-time energy management, live fault alerts, operational reports and smart charging. Benefit from forecasts for depots and power suppliers

Independent and Safe Data

As a third-party provider, we offer independent data you can trust. Our long experience in data collection guarantees the security of the data

Easy to Integrate

Independent from your software systems, you can optimize your fleet operations and charging performance

MOBILEcharge is the trusted solution:

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Charging Stations Fully Integrated

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E-Buses Getting Charged Efficiently

Worldwide most advanced technology

How MOBILEcharge works


Get a quick and easy overview of you charging performance and energy consumption, historically and in real time.

Charging Plan

This is your timetable for all parent and upcoming charging processes.

Intelligent Charging of E-Buses in Norway

Keolis succeeds in starting to operate electric buses in Bergen with complete success.

With MOBILEcharge, charging processes can be controlled and monitored. This makes it possible to see remotely if there is a fault, if a charge is not working, and how the state of charge of each bus develops during the night. This innovative and sustainable solution could be a model for many other cities.

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