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Data Acquisition

Data is the modern world’s gold. Your complete data acquisition solution forms the backbone of intelligent, data-driven innovations in vehicle development. We are delighted to support you with our expertise and years of experience.

Use Cases

Quality management

  • Identifying sporadic errors
  • Target-actual comparison

Endurance run

  • Consistency

  • Anomalies

  • Releases

Fleet testing

  • Seasons

  • Extreme conditions

  • Wear and tear

Customer behavior

  • Drive

  • Charge

  • Short and long haul

  • Customer interaction: Dashboard

Infrastructure and Software as a Service

One system as a complete solution

Based on a scalable platform continuously being developed, the system offers a complete user experience. Data is collected in the field. It is an end-to-end solution that offers an ideal combination of services, infrastructure and devices.

The ability to use this solution worldwide and remotely saves time, reduces costs and promotes collaboration.





Integrated system

Coordinated components

Data Central

Data Central provides you with vehicle data: status information on the system, the vehicle connection and the appropriate measurement configuration in real time. This allows you to assess the performance of the vehicle fleet and intervene immediately in case of error. Maintain an overview of all your vehicles from anywhere in the world.


  • Device Management
  • Job Management
  • Data Management
  • Software Management
  • Monitoring

Flea 4+ measuring platform

  • Vehicle interfaces

  • Connectivity

  • Interactive

  • Configurability

  • Responsivness
In three steps

Simply get started

Instead of having to set up a complex infrastructure, we offer you an integrated system that is ready for use in just three steps. Connect the Flea to the vehicle. Configure your measurement task. Open the Data Central application and obtain the desired data.

Connecting hardware

Install the Flea in your vehicle and connect the mobile phone antenna.

Setting up software

Specify which data is to record and configure the execution of the measurement task.

Get data

Get direct access to all relevant data and use it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Flea connect to my vehicle?

The Flea supports a variety of vehicle interfaces including CAN/CAN-FD, FlexRay and Ethernet. Power can be supplied via OBD.

How long does it take install a Flea?
A Flea can be installed and setup in less than 15 minutes
Can I export data from Data Central to use it in my own software?
Data Central allows you to export measurement data and statistics. Since we use standardized data formats, the measurement data can be conveniently used in your usual applications.
Which data can be collected?
The Flea generally enables the recording of all vehicle data as long as access is available. In addition, data from external sensors, internal sensors and status information can be collected.
Why does the Flea 4+ turns on briefly when connected and then immediately turns off again?
Check wiring, especially if ignition is properly connected. If lighter jack is used to mimic ignition, make sure that at least 6V are provided corresponding to wake-up state of the vehicle. If CAN activity was pre-setup for wake-up trigger check corresponding wiring. Hint: A continuity test using a voltmeter can identify wiring issues quickly.
Why is the CELL LED off?
Check antenna connection and positioning. Ideally the antenna shall face the sky without any obstacle in between. Change location for confirmation, consider attaching it on top of vehicle if needed since antenna is IP65 compliant. Verify SIM card activation status. If SIM card is provided by CarMedialab please contact our customer support.
Why does the connection fail when synchronizing the DCC client?
Check your DCC credentials and confirm their correctness using Data Central login. Verify that your DCC credentials are still valid.
How can I verify current license type and its validity?
Either go to System page on Data Central or check License tab on Vehicle Setup dialog in DCC-Client.
Can various job configurations be executed in parallel?
One of the great advantages of Flea 4+ devices is that jobs can run in sequential order, in parallel, dependent on each other or even triggered by an external BLE-Pushbutton and thus completely configurable by the user.
How can I download data?
CarMedialab provides several options to retrieve recorded data for users. Since Flea 4+ device is being a 100% remote device it is not possible to get data directly from the device in general. Therefore, by default data is stored and made available on the backend side. Besides common backend-to-backend data exchange mechanisms, measurement files can be downloaded either directly using Data Central or in a more sophisticated and convenient way using DCC-Client.

Get your personalized offer

Fill out the checklist now and let us analyze for free how your development process can be optimized. Data acquisition and data analysis are essential components of vehicle development.  Gain better insight into the efficiency, performance and safety of your vehicles and take advantage of intelligent vehicle development


Satisfied customers worldwide

Christian F.

Test Engineer, Volkswagen AG, Germany

Thank you so much for the timely patches! In short: The Flea 4 can quite do something!

Prof. Dr. Chris S. L.

President, Pacific Coast Research Inc., U.S.A.

Strong products. Top precision and performance. Exactly what we needed.

Manuel S.

Bosch Engineering GmbH

Flea 4 is now an integral part of our platform solution. Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation!

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