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Efficient vehicle testing with Remote Vehicle Access from Bosch Engineering

Remote access to test vehicles is made possible
Our customer, Bosch Engineering GmbH, has recently developed a new Remote Vehicle Access (RVA) solution. This can significantly simplify testing or development processes by enabling remote access. As vehicles become more complex, more testing needs to be done within their development. With remote vehicle access, vehicles can be accessed flexibly via a remote connection during test drives without having to be on-site to collect data, by instance. Areas of application are monitoring of tests, measurements, updates and much more.

Faster and more efficient work
With the new RVA application, projects can be accelerated by months in some cases. Another major advantage is more effective collaboration within the team. Data protection and data security are also taken care of. All in all, the application saves a lot of time and money. We consider the development great and support such a step into a digital future with our hardware and software solutions.

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