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Public Transport

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Problems with the vehicle are reported early on in the bus, the control center is made aware and the driver is given relevant support. Comprehensive vehicle monitoring during ongoing operations enables the dispatcher to get an overview of the situation in the bus. Unexpected breakdowns can be avoided, which increases the availability of the vehicles. As a result the entire fleet is more effective and customer-friendly.

Optimized Vehicles


With MOBILEvhm, you can keep an eye on the condition of your vehicle fleet at all times, regardless of manufacturer and motor type. Error messages from the vehicles are detected at an early stage, analyzed and passed on to maintenance staff to assist them. This supports not only drivers, but also dispatchers and mechanics by giving them detailed information in real time about the vehicle’s availability and repair requirements. You minimize the risk of unforeseen vehicle breakdowns, increase the service quality for passengers and save costs.

Why MOBILEvhm?

Avoidance of unforeseen vehicle failures

Real-time error notifications and historical reports help you avoid downtime.

Real-time monitoring

Gain real-time view in the Vehicle Control Board remotely.

Integrated manufacturer-independent display

Graphic dashboard display for key vehicle figures.

Digital vehicle history

Detailed vehicle analysis during operation and digital vehicle history.

Automated work orders

Increased efficiency through the automated generation of work orders.

Battery utilization

Bus services do not have to be canceled due to depleted batteries.


Comprehensive vehicle monitoring

With just one vehicle monitoring system you can keep track of your whole diesel or battery-driven fleet of buses and check their performance at all times, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. In this demonstration, you will discover just how much MOBILEvhm can help improve the performance of your entire fleet.


  • Suitable for combustion engines and electric vehicles

  • Graphic dashboard display for vehicle key figures

  • Direct connection to the vehicle’s electronics

  • Readout of Vehicle Condition Data

  • Good integration into the INIT system landscape possible

Find the right provider

Recommendations for vehicle tenders

Feel free to use our vehicle tender recommendation to equip your fleet for future data applications. Are you interested in further documents? Visit our download area.

Find your solution with us

  • Experience with Remote Vehicle Testing and Telematics since 2003

  • In-depth expertise in vehicle data and its extensive processing

  • Vehicle data validation for vehicle manufacturers and transport companies

  • Active engagement in standardization committees (SAE, VDV)

  • Thousands of vehicles with active fleet monitoring MOBILEvhm

Practical examples

  • Shows two electric buses
    Dakar uses electric buses for public transport for the first time and controls the charging processes with MOBILEcharge
  • MOBILEcharge in use with the electric buses of Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr

  • MOBILEcharge connects hundreds of charging stations across Israel.

  • Prioritized charging with MOBILEcharge at the e-bus depot in Deventer (Netherlands).

  • Vehicle monitoring in the buses of Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH

  • Pantograph charging station Leipzig managed by MOBILEcharge.

  • Bus is charged efficiently with MOBILEcharge

  • Bus depot in Bergen managed with MOBILEcharge


    Satisfied customers worldwide

    • Eric F.

      Manager of communications and marketing, C-TRAN

      Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a public transportation provider, and battery-electric buses are crucial to our zero-emission future. We’re excited to partner with CarMedialab to improve the performance of these vehicles, and the experience for our riders.

    • Shirley W.

      Product Manager, Ayalon Highways

      We chose CarMedialabs charge management system for all our bus depots all over Israel. MOBILEcharge will help us to have a maximum number of buses available on time with minimal use of the grid and minimal costs. Let the electrification revolution begin!

    • Anton G.

      VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH
      All in all, we are very happy with the Data Tester.
    • Hugo V.

      Performance and Contract Manager, Tide AS, Norway

      Wonderful collaboration […] we will look forward to continuing this really good work.

    • Dennis H.

      VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH

      The long-awaited system for vehicle data testing. We as VCDB have a great interest in the Data Tester, as we also provide vehicle inspections for customers.

    • Tore G.

      Information Technology Manager, Tide AS Norge, Norway

      Finally somebody who’s understanding smart charging entirely.

    • Paul G.

      Director International Business Development, INIT Group

      It’s been a pleasure working with you guys from the beginning and the best is yet to come!

    • Mark S.

      Electric Vehicle Charging Vertical Manager, NXP Semiconductor

      A great example of how our customers can benefit with their ISO 15118 adaption through partnership and collaboration.

      A selection of our valued clients
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      Leandro Campo
      Sales Manager Public Transport
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