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Sustainability at CarMedialab

Sustainability at CarMedialab

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Business trips by train


Electric vehicles in the fleet


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Our CSR Report 2023

We are delighted to present our CSR Report for 2023. This document reflects our ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and outlines our efforts and achievements in creating sustainable value for our stakeholders. Through this report, we aim to share our journey towards a more sustainable and responsible business practice, emphasizing our dedication to environmental preservation, social equity, and economic development. Join us as we navigate through our key initiatives, milestones, and the positive impact we’ve made over the past year.

Our contribution

CarMedialab actively aligns its operations with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by integrating sustainable practices into its business model and regularly assessing its impact and contributions towards achieving these global goals.
Our company is experiencing healthy growth. We are creating new jobs worldwide with fair salaries. As a trainer with a focus on IT, sales, administration and media, we offer young people the opportunity to enter future-proof professions.
We increase the efficiency of the existing charging infrastructure and thus enable more resource-efficient use. We distribute loads to make the best possible use of solar energy and eco-tariffs during charging processes.
Our innovative software solutions increase the attractiveness of electromobility in public transportation. As a result, we are reducing pollutant emissions and noise pollution in cities and municipalities around the world in the long term.

We are constantly reducing our ecological footprint and aligning our values with sustainable goals. Business trips are made by train as standard. Our vehicle fleet consists largely of electric cars and is supplemented by plug-in hybrids.

Our goals until 2030

Net Zero Emissions

We want to make our business processes as CO2 neutral as possible. To this end, we rely on renewable energies, the implementation of sustainable business practices and the promotion of reforestation projects with CO2 certificates. By 2030, we want to reach or fall below net zero and have a positive impact.

Health management

We are working to expand our health programs for employees even further. We already offer ergonomic workstations, subsidies on gym fees and free sports activities for employees. In the future, we also want to provide more help in mental health of our employees.

Reduction in business travel

Through online meetings, we reduce the number of business trips and the resulting emissions. If travel is necessary, we favor buses and trains or offset the emissions of flights for which there is no alternative connection.

Recycling program for our products

We offer buyers of our Flea the opportunity to return old appliances free of charge so that they can be dismantled and recycled.

Public transport ticket

We are working to increase the attractiveness of public transport by offering job tickets and thus give employees the opportunity to get to work without a car. Our offices are located right next to the train station.

Supporting social projects
We are working to support more social projects to promote education, sport and the fight against poverty. In particular, we would like to support regional associations and organizations.
Our contribution

Sustainable development

Awarded environmental management system

CarMedialab is certified with the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems. Under this standard, we plan, control and implement measures with regard to our environmental goals and guidelines. It also enables us to improve our environmental performance. You can see exactly what this looks like in practice in the video produced by our employee Maximilian Haag.

ISO 14001

CarMedialab supports sustainable development goals. We minimize our ecological footprint and develop sustainable solutions.

We are CarMedialab

Data Logging and Smart Charging

Our goal is to shape the mobility of tomorrow and offer innovative solutions for the challenges of mobility.

At CarMedialab, we combine deep technical understanding with future-oriented software development. We believe in the power of innovation and passion to create sustainable and efficient solutions for a connected world.