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Public Transport

We have developed solutions aimed at giving you a better overview of your bus fleet. Use the data from your vehicles and charging stations to your advantage.

Control your bus fleet

Our service


Optimize your fleet operation by exchanging vehicle and charging station data, in real time and regardless of your current software systems (ITCS and depot management).

Data access

You can access data including evaluations of fuel and energy consumption, immediate error notifications from the vehicles and charging stations, operating reports, smart charging and much more.


All our programs are compatible and perfectly coordinated and are also available as a suite.

Clever communication

…on which you can build the future. Systems by CarMedialab are easily extensible and are thus equipped for any developments the future may bring.

German engineering

We develop our devices with partners exclusively in Germany. Our tight quality control ensures that our devices are prepared for your test operation.

Your reliable partner

We offer you the right software – for both conductive und inductive charging. Your advantage: all components have been repeatedly tested and are already successfully in use. Plus, our systems are available immediately.

Practical examples

Shows two electric buses

Dakar uses electric buses for public transport for the first time and MOBILEcharge controls the charging processes

MOBILEcharge in use with the electric buses of Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr

MOBILEcharge connects hundreds of charging stations across Israel.

Prioritized charging with MOBILEcharge at the e-bus depot in Deventer (Netherlands).

Vehicle monitoring in the buses of Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH

Pantograph charging station Leipzig managed by MOBILEcharge.

Bus is charged efficiently with MOBILEcharge

Bus depot in Bergen managed with MOBILEcharge

    Your road to the successful operation of e-buses

    Successful launch of electric buses

    Many aspects have to be considered and the overall strategy must be defined before electric buses can be successfully incorporated into your fleet. E-bus integration has an impact on numerous operational processes – from planning and scheduling to operations control. Electromobility is nothing short of a complete paradigm shift – but it can be mastered successfully in 7 steps.

    Satisfied customers worldwide

    Eric F.

    Manager of communications and marketing, C-TRAN

    Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a public transportation provider, and battery-electric buses are crucial to our zero-emission future. We’re excited to partner with CarMedialab to improve the performance of these vehicles, and the experience for our riders.

    Shirley W.

    Product Manager, Ayalon Highways

    We chose CarMedialabs charge management system for all our bus depots all over Israel. MOBILEcharge will help us to have a maximum number of buses available on time with minimal use of the grid and minimal costs. Let the electrification revolution begin!

    Melissa D.

    Fleet management, HEAG mobilio
    The Data Tester by CarMedialab has convinced us: simple vehicle connection, efficient signal checking and a user-friendly web interface. We are very satisfied with the results.

    Hugo V.

    Performance and Contract Manager, Tide AS, Norway

    Wonderful collaboration […] we will look forward to continuing this really good work.

    Anton G.

    VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH
    All in all, we are very happy with the Data Tester.

    Tore G.

    Information Technology Manager, Tide AS Norge, Norway

    Finally somebody who’s understanding smart charging entirely.

    Dennis H.

    VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH

    The long-awaited system for vehicle data testing. We as VCDB have a great interest in the Data Tester, as we also provide vehicle inspections for customers.

    Paul G.

    Director International Business Development, INIT Group

    It’s been a pleasure working with you guys from the beginning and the best is yet to come!

    Mark S.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Vertical Manager, NXP Semiconductor

    A great example of how our customers can benefit with their ISO 15118 adaption through partnership and collaboration.

    Christian F.

    Test Engineer, Volkswagen AG, Germany

    Thank you so much for the timely patches! In short: The Flea 4 can quite do something!

    Prof. Dr. Chris S. L.

    President, Pacific Coast Research Inc., U.S.A.

    Strong products. Top precision and performance. Exactly what we needed.

    Manuel S.

    Bosch Engineering GmbH

    Flea 4 is now an integral part of our platform solution. Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation!

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      Leandro Campo
      Sales Manager Public Transport

      Public Transport insights

      Technical standards – Martin Schmitz from VDV

      June 13, 2024
      The VDV (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen = Association of German Transport Companies) plays a crucial role in the German transport industry. Read more about standards and interfaces and watch the interview with Managing Director Martin Schmitz.

      Large Scale Bus Electrification: IT Systems Checklist

      May 24, 2024
      The UITP has recently published a comprehensive checklist for the electrification of bus fleets within a working group. This checklist provides a valuable resource for public transport operators looking to convert their bus fleets to electric vehicles.

      CarMedialab and INIT at the IT-Trans 2024

      May 22, 2024
      IT-Trans, the international conference and trade fair for public transport, took place in Karlsruhe from May 14 to 16, 2024. Read more about CarMedialab’s participation at the trade fair.

      The Local Controller: Your security for offline charging stations

      May 16, 2024
      In the era of e-mobility, an efficient and reliable charging infrastructure is crucial for the smooth operation of transport operators. It is important to understand the challenges associated with the digital networking of charging points – especially in critical situations. This is why we have developed the Local Controller.

      HEAG mobilo: insights into e-mobility in Darmstadt

      April 23, 2024
      Read more about the visit at HEAG mobilo and get an insight into the daily operation with their e-buses paired with the latest technology.

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