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Welcome to Aveiro: a location with increment value

Aveiro, which is often called “the Venice of Portugal”, is not only a beautiful travel destination, but also home to one of CarMedialab’s sites.

Only 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Aveiro offers a combination of good infrastructure and an inspiring environment. The mild climate and proximity to the sea make it a place where many like to spend their vacations. For our team, it means working in an environment that is both refreshing and productive.

Working in a modern coworking space
In Aveiro, our employees have the option of working either in the modern coworking space “Sitio” or from home.

Our dedicated software developers are the core of our site in Aveiro: Frederico, both Josés, Patrícia, Luís, Rafael and soon also Eduardo. With their expertise, they contribute significantly to the success of CarMedialab.

Heiko Bauer visiting Aveiro
Our colleagues from Aveiro send greetings

New office in Aveiro, Portugal

In addition to our existing locations in Bruchsal (DE), Neuruppin (DE) and Santa Monica (USA), we have recently expanded to include another location in Aveiro, Portugal. Since the beginning of the year, five of our colleagues have been working there, mainly in the area of software development.  The office is located in the modern co-working space “Sitio Cowork Aveiro“, where also other companies are operating.

We are happy about the support of our Portuguese colleagues to continuously improve and develop our products and software solutions. We are excited about what the future will bring and continue to work on sustainable solutions in the field of e-mobility!

CarMedialab introduces environmental management

Brand new: We have been busy and newly received our certification for ISO 14001:2015. This international environmental management standard ensures that we live up to our environmental responsibilities.

For us, this means not stopping now, but continuing to give everything we can to protect our Earth. 

You can find out more about environmental management and sustainability on our website, and Maximilian explains what environmental management looks like in practice in the video:

Becoming sustainable is a choice that takes effort

We’re experiencing the effects of the last 100 years of industrialization. It’s a strongly developed and concentrated “machine” that needs to take a turn. We need to take action in regards to change the mindset of the future for the world. And we need to let the development switch gear into sustainability mode.

It’s not an easy task and we can’t do it sporadically or by ourselves. But as a company in an industry dominated by fossil fuels, we lead the way with sustainable alternatives. We show others that it’s not as dangerous as it looks to shift into sustainability mode. Companies can even gain more from doing so.

The 17 goals are set by the UN. If a company makes an effort to improve in just one of these goals, it’s admirable. The more goals companies reach, the better. CarMedialab does a intense effort to become more sustainable and reach as many of the 17 UN goals as possible.


CarMedialab leads the way in the industry
Focusing on the environment, which is the most obvious for our industry, we have taken company initiatives that effect these goals. Here are some of the initiatives we have taken:

  • Minimal business travel (reduction of flights)
  • Minimal travel by car for all employees
  • Car sharing (with electric mobility) for colleagues
  • Encouraging our suppliers to be carbon neutral
  • Minimal transportation through local production with high standards
  • Purchase of green electricity from 100% hydropower 
  • Purchase of ecologically grown food
  • Waste separation
  • No support of drinking water transports
  • Company bicycle
  • Preference for rail travel

Developing sustainable solutions
To make a change not only for our company but also for the world, we are establishing sustainable solutions in the following areas:

  • Sustainable, durable hardware
  • Intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions
  • Provision of charging stations for electric cars

Through these sustainable solutions and our consistent efforts to stay green, over 750 electric buses have already been equipped with our system. Besides that we take every single UN goal into consideration in our work life.

Sustainability is the key to the change that we need, and CarMedialab provides sustainable solutions that needs to be implemented in as many installations as possible. We have years of expertise in this and we know how much trust matters.

CarMedialab commits to Ethical Guidelines

When working in a company today, expectations and interactions between employers and employees and even the customers are different than 30 years ago. Much has changed and ethical guidelines have become a main part of the backbone of the company. Even though many companies have always had some sort of ethics, this has become a more important issue to commit to, also for CarMedialab.

Our company is made up of people and with no people to run the company, there would be no company. We consider the dignity of humans to be impeccable. Employees are seen as family and our values are common ground and a way to include everybody in the company.

Values and human rights
The values and the integrity of the employees is flowing through the products we make here in the beginning of the value chain of supplying electric cars with smart technology. We support if the employee want to focus on the family at home or maybe want to educate themselves further.

Also we treat everyone equal no matter of race, color, age and religion or any other differences that may be in this diverse world of people. Every human has a right to work and a right to live. We don’t condone child labor, and we believe it’s our responsibility to change the world as much as we can to become a better version of itself. Little changes will eventually turn into a common responsibility that our partners and customers will also join. This will impact the world in a positive way.

Again responsibility is the key word for our code of ethics. Making no promises that can’t be kept is a natural part of the deal. Therefore we have quality products and we continue to do so, as we see how much more sustainable it is and will be in the long run. 

We take care of everybody’s personal information and keep it secure as the data protection law demands. Keeping commercial plans and sensitive information confidential and sharing knowledge and information to our trusted peers.

Being a part of a bigger picture
As a brick in the big puzzle of an everchanging industry, we have our ethic guidelines to help us remember the Corporate social responsibility strategy of the company. 

We want to keep on striving to be the best in all we do, as we believe that with great powers comes great responsibility and we consider the knowledge of new technology to be our power and therefore our responsibility to care for this in all aspects.

Henri Depe-Tchatchu
Heiko Bauer

CarMedialab receives TISAX-LABEL

Information security is our top priority
When it comes to information security, our customers have high expectations. Meeting these requirements is one of our most important concerns – which is why we have had ourselves officially audited.

TISAX stands for “Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange”, a mechanism for the exchange of audit information. The label is a registered trademark and is the standard for information security in the automotive industry.

All of this is operated by the “ENX Association”, which recognizes cross-company assessments of information security in our industry. The audit itself is carried out in accordance with internationally recognised industry standards and is performed by accredited audit service providers.

We have undergone and passed this extensive TISAX audit too, proving that we meet the high standards for information security. We hope this will once again encourage our customers to place their trust in us.

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