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Welcome to Aveiro: a location with increment value

Aveiro, which is often called “the Venice of Portugal”, is not only a beautiful travel destination, but also home to one of CarMedialab’s sites.

Only 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Aveiro offers a combination of good infrastructure and an inspiring environment. The mild climate and proximity to the sea make it a place where many like to spend their vacations. For our team, it means working in an environment that is both refreshing and productive.

Working in a modern coworking space
In Aveiro, our employees have the option of working either in the modern coworking space “Sitio” or from home.

Our dedicated software developers are the core of our site in Aveiro: Frederico, both Josés, Patrícia, Luís, Rafael and soon also Eduardo. With their expertise, they contribute significantly to the success of CarMedialab.

Heiko Bauer visiting Aveiro
Our colleagues from Aveiro send greetings
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