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Optimal use of the charging infrastructure with Multi-Operator Support

CarMedialab is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of e-mobility. We are pleased to present MOBILEcharge‘s latest and worldwide unique feature: Multi-Operator Support, also known as “multi-tenancy”.

Mastering the transformation of mobility
Due to the rapid changes in mobility, many transport operators are faced with the challenge of using their charging infrastructure effectively and safely. This is the case especially when they work with multiple bus operators sharing a depot or even have a presence in different cities with diverse depots.

Full control over your bus fleet
This is exactly where multi-operator support comes in. It allows operators to load their buses only at specific points designated to them. While bus operators retain full control over their fleet, the buses move exclusively within their assigned load limits. But that’s not all: each operator can be assigned individual tariffs or interfaces, making the system customizable.

The central solution
For transport operators who are present in several cities and operate different depots, Multi-Operator Support offers one central solution. Everything can be controlled and monitored conveniently via the MOBILEcharge system, no matter how spread out or different the depots may be.

Unique and smart
MOBILEcharge’s Multi-Operator Support provides transport operators with a feature that is so far unique in the industry at this point in time. The feature offers a smart but simple way to get the most out of the charging infrastructure and simplifies the complex challenges of charge management. At CarMedialab, you will find solutions that are not only smart, but also user-friendly. We will guide you into the future of e-mobility.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Introducing Multi-Operator Support for MOBILEcharge
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In cooperation with INIT, the world’s leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transportation, we have developed solutions aimed at giving you a better overview of your bus fleet. Use the data from your vehicles and charging stations to your advantage.

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