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The Energy Manager: keeping an eye on the charging strategy

The Energy Manager is a new user role in MOBILEcharge that is specifically designed to monitor the charging processes of your electric buses. The role offers authorized users extended control over your charging infrastructure.

Functions of the Energy Manager:

  • Tariff management: Easily add and customize tariff information
  • Customization of charging targets: Global target SOCs (State of Charge) can be flexibly set 
  • Limiting energy consumption: Set energy limits per depot or vehicle
  • Specialized access control: Access to certain functions and simple operation for authorized users
  • Create efficient charging profiles: Possibility to store specific charging profiles for individual needs

Configuring the charging strategy and monitoring energy consumption
The Energy Manager allows efficient setting and monitoring of the charging strategy. This includes functions such as an admin tool for charging profiles and tariffs as well as a dashboard and monitors for charging stations and substations to keep an overview at all times. With the new Energy Manager in MOBILEcharge, we are launching a feature that simplifies and further optimizes the management of your electric bus fleet. Stay tuned for further updates and keep an eye out for the next developments in the world of electromobility.

Introducing Energy Manager for MOBILEcharge
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