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Monitoring energy consumption in real time

Are you already familiar with the Real Time Power Meter in the charge management system? The entire energy consumption of your bus depot is visualized directly in the dashboard. This allows you to monitor and control your requirements in real time.

The key functions:

  • Real-time display of power and total consumption of the bus depot
  • Individual limit setting to control the energy budget
  • Total daily and weekly consumption at a glance
  • Reserved power for offline charging stations to ensure good capacity utilization and reliable availability

Limiting energy consumption in your bus depot:

Your benefit:

  • Complete control and overview of energy consumption and depot utilization
  • Cost control through compliance with the specified energy limit
  • Fast decision-making thanks to the central display of important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the dashboard

The Real Time Power Meter allows you to monitor your energy consumption in a similar way as you track your fuel consumption when driving. With this tool, you not only keep costs under control, but also actively contribute to a more sustainable use of energy.

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