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Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr to start charging with MOBILEcharge

80 electric buses will be charged in the future using 52 charging points in 4 depots with theMOBILEcharge charging management system fromCarMedialab. In addition to a customer-specific charging plan, MOBILEcharge supportsrnv in real-time monitoring of the entire charging infrastructure and maintains an overview of the charging processes and health status of the charging points at all times.

rnv Ebus
rnv electric buses will in future be charged using MOBILEcharge charging management system

Interoperability is also required in this project. Among other things, VDV 463 for a connection to the existing depot management system and VDV 261 for preconditioning are components of this installation. 

We are pleased to be working with rnv on an innovative project.

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