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Day: December 22, 2021

Becoming sustainable is a choice that takes effort

We’re experiencing the effects of the last 100 years of industrialization. It’s a strongly developed and concentrated “machine” that needs to take a turn. We need to take action in regards to change the mindset of the future for the world. And we need to let the development switch gear into sustainability mode.

It’s not an easy task and we can’t do it sporadically or by ourselves. But as a company in an industry dominated by fossil fuels, we lead the way with sustainable alternatives. We show others that it’s not as dangerous as it looks to shift into sustainability mode. Companies can even gain more from doing so.

The 17 goals are set by the UN. If a company makes an effort to improve in just one of these goals, it’s admirable. The more goals companies reach, the better. CarMedialab does a intense effort to become more sustainable and reach as many of the 17 UN goals as possible.


CarMedialab leads the way in the industry
Focusing on the environment, which is the most obvious for our industry, we have taken company initiatives that effect these goals. Here are some of the initiatives we have taken:

  • Minimal business travel (reduction of flights)
  • Minimal travel by car for all employees
  • Car sharing (with electric mobility) for colleagues
  • Encouraging our suppliers to be carbon neutral
  • Minimal transportation through local production with high standards
  • Purchase of green electricity from 100% hydropower 
  • Purchase of ecologically grown food
  • Waste separation
  • No support of drinking water transports
  • Company bicycle
  • Preference for rail travel

Developing sustainable solutions
To make a change not only for our company but also for the world, we are establishing sustainable solutions in the following areas:

  • Sustainable, durable hardware
  • Intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions
  • Provision of charging stations for electric cars

Through these sustainable solutions and our consistent efforts to stay green, over 750 electric buses have already been equipped with our system. Besides that we take every single UN goal into consideration in our work life.

Sustainability is the key to the change that we need, and CarMedialab provides sustainable solutions that needs to be implemented in as many installations as possible. We have years of expertise in this and we know how much trust matters.