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Absolutely multifaceted: Flea 3 meets Newron Motors

Our Fleas do not only convince the automotive market – even motorcycle manufacturers like the french Newron Motors like to rely on our products. We’re really happy to announce that Newron Motors integrated our Flea 3 in their innovative electro motorcycle.

Beside the unique and modern design of the machine, Newron Motors focuses on the integration of new technologies. That’s why the vehicle is able to reach 0 to 100 km/h within 3 seconds and to achieve a top speed of 220 km/h. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Newron Motors can offer a range of 300 km to the customers and is able to beat the average of the competition.

The company strives for customer satisfaction – the machine should become their best ally. Artificial Intelligence will allow the machine to optimize the route, energy consumption during the trip and anticipate the needs of the vehicle! A simple and optimized use, to allow the driver to ride confident by increasing his experience of riding a motorcycle.

Thanks to the connectivity to smartphones and tablets, the users can easily get information of the state of the bike, allowing to perform predictive maintenance.

Due to the remote data connection, the GPS sensor and the fast charging option, our Flea3 helps Newron Motors to develop and improve all of these features and we are very excited to see where the journey is supposed to take us! 

Flea 3 Newton Motos
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