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Inductive Charging of e-Vehicles on the Model

CarMedialab supports research and development of smart charging for a more efficient and greener mobility of the future. For this we offer a prototype for inductive charging under ISO 15118. See for yourself:

The model vehicle was created in collaboration with our partners. Small-scale modeling gives us the opportunity to test the processes of inductive charging in real conditions and to optimize them.

Inductive charging offers the possibility to charge the
le more effectively and comfortably.

Dimitri Shkadarevich​

We are excited about further research projects at our company. For the future of electromobility – for our future.

About Public Transport

In cooperation with INIT, the world’s leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transportation, we have developed solutions aimed at giving you a better overview of your bus fleet. Use the data from your vehicles and charging stations to your advantage.

Leandro Campo

I am ready to guide you through our products and services.