Software Stack

Software Stack
ISO 15118

The software stack already contains the entire protocol flow of smart charging (between charging station and vehicle) according to ISO 15118 and supports the rapid development of smart AC or DC charging stations.

Intelligent charging communication

Drivers of e-vehicles expect charging to work easily. For vehicle and charging point to harmonize, software and hardware need to be perfectly coordinated. CarMedialab develops state-of-the-art technology for standard-compliant communication between charging point and vehicle.


The software stack ISO 15118 consists of a compilation of source code, libraries and scripts.
CarMedialab develops continuously – so the software always meets the latest requirements.

All in One Package

You purchase a company license. This entitles you to use and sell the software on your hardware as part of your product for an unlimited period of time, regionally and quantitatively, but not exclusively.

You receive the source code. The programming language used is C/ C++ – the platform is Embedded Linux and x86 Linux.

A valid maintenance contract entitles you to receive updates for bug fixes, optimizations and more. If new versions of the underlying standards are adopted by the OCPP Protocol or ISO 15118/IEC 15118 and you have a valid maintenance contract, you can purchase an upgrade.

We are a member of the Open Charge Alliance.

Right from the Start – your Experienced Partner

CarMedialab is a pioneer in Smart Charging. More than 10 years ago we contributed to the first development of a „Powerline“ based smart charge communication protocol.

We offer you the right software – for both conductive und inductive charging. Your advantage: all components have been repeatedly tested and are already successfully in use. Plus, our systems are available immediately.

A Selection of our valued Clients

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