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Driver Assistance

MOBILEefficiency helps drivers to protect their passengers. You can enjoy the benefits of having complete control and knowing that you are protecting the environment at the same time.
Data Acquisition

Automated recording of driving behavior and energy consumption in operational use with transmission to central information system

Driving Assistance

Assistance function for the driver in real time with various display systems for on-board computer controls in the vehicle


Generating reports for making range predictions

Data Usage

Use of data for training and analysis (planners, dispatchers, drivers and analysts)

MOBILEefficiency: For Optimized Driving

You can increase the operating time of your fleet and reduce the total cost of ownership. Your fleet’s usage data is analyzed and optimized. MOBILEfficiency collects important analysis and empirical data on the consumption of your vehicle fleet, regardless of manufacturer and motor type. By giving drivers feedback, e.g. when breaking or accelerating too hard, they can achieve a more energy-efficient driving style, especially when combined with data-supported training measures. Use this assistance system for safe and energy-efficient driving.



Benefit from our well-established system.

Analysis of Vehicles, Routes, Sections of Routes and Operations in Terms of Energy Consumption

Reduction in Energy Consumption

Automatic Report Generation
Web-Based Application​

Data-Based Training Measures to Improve Driving Style

Safe and Energy-Efficient Driving

Our products in use

MOBILEefficiency in Use

Reducing energy consumption, emissions and costs

MOBILEefficiency records real fuel consumption and driving situations during operation and generates reports automatically. Important analysis and empirical values on energy demand and fuel consumption are provided. By informing the driver (e.g. when braking too hard or accelerating), MOBILEefficiency helps to achieve a more energy-efficient driving style, which can be further promoted by data-supported training measures. Toronto-based York Region Transit initially introduced MOBILEefficiency in December 2017 and has seen an average 50 % reduction in unsafe and uneconomical vehicle use since.

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