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HEAG mobilo: insights into e-mobility in Darmstadt

Saving 6,600 tons of CO2 emissions per year

HEAG mobilo, the leading mobility service provider in the south of Hessen, is consistently focusing on e-mobility and sustainability. With a fleet of around 50 e-buses and a team of more than 850 employees, the company is driving forward the transport revolution. By using only green electricity to power the e-buses, HEAG mobilo will save around 2.5 million liters of diesel per year and avoid 6,600 tons of CO2 emissions once the entire fleet is electrically powered. E-buses have been an integral part of their fleet since 2020, and the plan to switch completely to e-drive in the coming years underlines their commitment to a greener future.

Reducing operating costs

CarMedialab is supporting HEAG mobilo on this journey with the charge management system MOBILEcharge. The system enables efficient and cost-saving charging of the entire e-bus fleet, which reduces operating costs and also supports the company’s sustainability goals.

The e-buses from HEAG mobilo are charged intelligently

Our visit at HEAG mobilo gave us the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the daily operation and use of our technology. We were able to observe the e-buses in their resting phase in the depot, while they were intelligently charged for their next use. In addition to the depot, we also had the opportunity to visit the transport company’s workshop.

The e-buses stay in the depot during their rest
HEAG mobilo’s in-house workshop

Quiet and emission-free through the city

The highlight of our visit was accompanying the e-buses on their journeys through Darmstadt. We were able to experience at first hand how the e-buses glide quietly and emission-free through the streets, which not only represents added value for passengers, but also for the urban environment. The positive feedback from citizens about the e-buses is a clear sign of the broad acceptance and enthusiasm for e-mobility. Kerstin Kutscher, Deputy Press Officer at HEAG mobilo, emphasizes the advantage of this practice: We prefer to use the electric buses on weekends because there is less noise and exhaust fumes in the city – and this contributes to a more relaxing atmosphere.

The collaboration between HEAG mobilo and CarMedialab shows how the use of advanced technologies and a commitment to sustainability can make public transport more efficient, eco-friendly and future-proof.

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