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Automotive Telematics System:
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“The Flea 4 is an advanced and progressively devised telematics platform with excellent performance, designed to meet the latest increasingly demanding requirements. With its up-to-date interfaces, more efficient communication and more extensive sensor technology, the Flea 4 offers a broad basis for new and exciting use cases. “

Heiko Bauer, CEO

Core functions
Auto onboard diagnostics

– UDS (ISO 14229) on CAN, CAN-FD and Ethernet
– KWP2000 / OBD-2 (ISO 14230) on CAN, CAN-FD and Ethernet
– ISO-TP (ISO 15765) on CAN, CAN-FD
– DoIP (ISO 13400)
– SOME / IP Stack (AUTOSAR 1.0)
– Diagnostic scripting support (DiagRA X-DRA)

– Supported histogram types:

     - simpleCounterHistogram

     - simpleSumHistogram

     - startEndHistogram

     - minMaxDiffAvgHistogram

     - timeAtLevelCountingHistogram

     - levelCrossingCountingHistogram

– Gloval variables:

     - use of arithmetical operations

     - use of logical operations

     - variable combination

– RAW CAN/FlexRay Trace (triggered only by using pre and post trigger)
– CCP V2.1: Data Aquisition (DAQ)
– XCP V1.2/V1.3 on CAN/CAN-FD/FlexRay: Data Aquisition Mode (DAQ)
– FMS / J1939 Support
– Signal calculation/combination using mathematical formulas
– WebCAM picture series support on trigger (WXGA max. 20 seconds)
– MQTT signal value streaming
– GPS data (NMEA 1Hz)
– CAN / CAN-FD Bus load (percent 1Hz)
– System load (percent 1Hz)
– Supported result formats:
     - ASC (Vector ASCII files for CAN/FlexRay traces)
     - MDF v4.1 (signal based measurment; binary format; many time channels)
     - CSV (Signal based measurment, one time channel)

– MQTT <-> SOME/IP gateway
– Geofence Trigger Event Generator
– BT button trigger support
– GPS traces

Flea 4

Use Cases

Benefit from our well-established system in a range of ways.

Quality assurance

In late phases of product development, the access to the vehicle network is restricted, sometimes only the diagnostic interface is accessible. Nevertheless, there is a need to collect and process data. With our data logging system, the data can be accessed, so the quality remains assured.

Component testing and endurance run

In many vehicles today, a large volume of data traffic is recorded with expensive measurement technology, and the post-processing of the data has to be done at a desk. In addition, drivers have to trigger special scripts in the vehicle that go beyond the mere recording of data. Results are collected and manually stored on servers. Flea 4 with its data logger function offers enormous potential for automation.

Analysis of customer behavior

How does the customer use products or individual features in everyday life? What effects does actual use have on components and their wear and tear? Do the assumptions made about use really match reality? With our onboard diagnostics, you can take a closer look at customer driving programs and test their behavior.

Usage analysis

Flea 4 can be used as a vehicle data logger to analyze how vehicles are utilized and identify savings potential and ensure that vehicles are only used where they are actually needed.

Automatic development documentation

Vehicles in development are subject to constant change, hardware is exchanged, software is updated. This context is important to understand errors and assess the vehicle's degree of maturity. Systematic documentation of the construction status including error memory analysis helps to maintain an overview.

Technical data about the Flea 4 can be found in our data sheet.

Flea 4



The Flea 4 is embedded in an integrated end-to-end system, consisting of an end-device in the vehicle and the Data Clearing Center in the backend.

The system can be used and managed remotely. Configurations, processes, results, new software, new drivers, security updates – 100% remotely.

Connect the system in the vehicle, ignition on and off you go. The system automatically logs on to the backend, picks up the appropriate configuration and is ready to perform its tasks.

New compact services and algorithms can be developed and distributed remotely. This keeps the overall system up-to-date and attractive over time.

The unit costs and hence the investment is low and to be paid over a term contract in actual use. This lowers your initial investment and costs only as long as you actually benefit.



Flea 4+

4 ARM Cortex-A 53 with 1.2 GHz (64 Bit)

Flea 4

2 ARM Cortex-A 53 with 1.2 GHz (64 Bit)


Flea 4+ / Flea 4


System memory

Flea 4+ / Flea 4

4 GB eMMC, 16 MB NOR

4 – 32 GB Internal Micro SD (optional)

Vehicle interfaces

Automotive Ethernet
USB-C 2.0



Sensor technology

Dead Reckoning

All at
a glance

With our new LED status display, you now have a more detailed view of the status of the system.


- Operating system: Embedded Linux (Yocto-based)
- Operating voltage: 12 / 24 V
- Operating temperature: -40°C … +85°C
- Dimensions: 152 mm x 107 mm x 36 mm incl. main connection
- Start options: Ignition, CAN (activity), RTC, modem ring

- Mobile:
– LTE CAT4 (150 Mbit/s download, 50 Mbit/s upload)
– EMEA Region Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20
- HSDPA category 24, HSUPA category 6
– MIMO 2 x 2 / RX Diversity
– 3G / 2G, Quadband Fallback
– WLAN (optional): 802.11 a / b / g / n (2.4/ 5 GHz)
- Ethernet: 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-TX
– Bluetooth: BT / BLE 4.2

– CAN: 5 x CAN-FD
– Automotive Ethernet: 1 x Automotive Ethernet (100 BASE-T1)
– DoIP: 1 x DoIP ISO 13400 (100 BASE-TX)
– FlexRay (optional): 1 x FlexRay A / B channels

– GPS / QZSS: 72 channels with dead reckoning and internal sensors
– GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
- Positioning accuracy: 2.5 m CEP with SBAS 1.5 m CEP
- Time frequency: 0.25 Hz … 10 MHz
- Number of simultaneous GNSS: 3

– ELO-54:
– 5 x CAN-FD,
– 1 x Automotive Ethernet (100 BASE-TX),
– 1 x DoIP ISO 13400 (100 BASE-TX),
- 1 x FlexRay A / B channels
- 3 x analog input (0-60 V)
- 2 x digital output (open drain),
- 1 x digital output (High Side Switch)
– 1 x I2C,
– 2 x RS232

– USB:
– USB-C 2.0 (Host or Client / OTG)

- Antenna:
- 2 x 2G / 3G / 4G antenna Fakra
- 1 x GPS antenna Fakra

- Overvoltage protection: 36 V
– Standby: < 0.5 mA @ 12 V
- Idle state (warm start): < 10 mA @ 12 V
- Work mode: < 500 mA @ 12 V

Additional technical data about
the Flea 4 can be found in
our data sheet.

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