MOBILEvhm enables you to constantly monitor the status a vehicle while in operation, it generates status messages and supports the planning of vehicle repairs. In addition to a simple charging status display, MOBILEvhm provides specific information (battery temperature, charging currents) for a more detailed vehicle analysis. This considerably reduces vehicle downtimes. The entire electric vehicle fleet can offer a more effective and customer oriented service.


Vehicle Health Management


Detailed vehicle analysis during operation


Real-time monitoring, also for electric buses

Battery utilization

Bus services do not have to be canceled because of a depleted battery


Automated creation of work orders with integrated cross-manufacturer presentation

  • Direct connection to the vehicle's electronics
  • Readout of vehicle condition data
  • Permanent recording and signaling in real time to the MOBILEvhm application
  • Graphical dashboards for vehicle key figures
  • Real-time view in the vehicle control board
  • Digital vehicle history

Key features

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