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Control of your bus fleet

In cooperation with INIT, the world's leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transportation, we have developed solutions aimed at giving you a better overview of your bus fleet.

These systems give you insight into your bus fleet both in the depot or en route; whether conventional diesel or environmentally friendly electric buses, in the depot or as a driver in the bus. You can protect your resources and the environment through the efficient use of your fleet. 

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Use the data from your
vehicles and charging stations
to your advantage.

You can access data including evaluations of fuel and energy consumption, immediate error notifications from the vehicles and charging stations, operating reports, smart charging and much more.

Optimize your fleet operation by exchanging vehicle and charging station data, in real time and regardless of your current software systems (ITCS and depot management). All our programs are compatible and perfectly coordinated and are also available as a suite.


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