Public Transport

IT Solutions for Public Transport

A look into your bus fleet

As a transport company you create connections.

In order to improve this interaction for consumers, the environment and for you as an operator, we have developed solutions in cooperation with INIT, the world's leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transport.

With the aid of our systems, transport companies have a completely new view of their bus fleets. Whether these are conventional diesel or environmentally friendly electric buses, whether our customers are working in the head office or sitting in the bus as drivers. 

This enables you to conserve resources and the environment through the efficient use of your fleet. 

Wir kooperieren mit dem
weltweit führenden Anbieter für IT-Lösungen
im öffentlichen Nahverkehr

In Zusammenarbeit mit der INIT haben wir Lösungen für den Public Transport entwickelt.                      Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: