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How Public Transport can save our Planet

More and more we are concerned with the environment and the current state of the planet. Pollution and emissions from road transportation vehicles are still increasing.
CO2 Emissions from Transport on the Rise

The most sustainable form of Public Transport is currently electric buses
At the same time humanity is developing technology at a rapid pace to keep up with the environmental situation and help us solve this problem. We need to change from an emission-based transportation to a sustainable transportation model. At the moment the most sustainable way of public transportation that can be scaled is by electric buses.

The electric buses, or e-buses as they are also called, have become very popular. We face a new era where renewable energy is in high demand as emission-based energy seems to have an expiring date.

However, the decision of changing the whole fleet of buses in a city to a more sustainable solution is economically challenging, though necessary. And even when the fleet has been changed to electric buses, a lot of budget goes into the operation of the e-buses. This is part of the reason that the decision to change the fleet is not as easy as it might seem. It’s a complex decision as there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. 

The type of vehicle, the battery capacity ranges, weather and even the topography of the routes the buses will drive all have an impact on the expenses, as well as the different charging scenarios. All this adds up to weighing of costs.

E-Busses are charged with Priority

How is the transformation of the fleet successful?
This is where the charging management system MOBILEcharge helps you in collecting data through the software system integrated in the charging stations. The EV electric management software measures the need for charging the buses based on energy storage and how much power is left. It also makes sure to distribute evenly the charging, avoiding peak hours for electricity, so you get the best prices for charging. The intelligent charging process is controlled automatically and always gives you an overview of the operating costs.

Using MOBILEcharge, a smart load management system provides you with enough data to plan your vehicles charging needs and plan the routes efficiently. Always take into consideration the options you have and the unique features you get to review historical and real time energy consumption. Just the economic aspect alone of the energy consumption compared to previous carbon-based energy consumption and the comparison of pollution will give you incentive enough to choose for a greener future with MOBILEcharge.

About Public Transport

In cooperation with INIT, the world’s leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transportation, we have developed solutions aimed at giving you a better overview of your bus fleet. Use the data from your vehicles and charging stations to your advantage.

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