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Mobility Portal Europe: charge management essential for e-bus fleets

At CarMedialab, we are proud to be a leading player in electromobility, especially when it comes to public transportation. In this context, CarMedialab’s charge management software was recently presented by Mobility Portal Europe.

In the interview, founder and Managing Director Heiko Bauer explains the importance of this system in today’s world. “With MOBILEcharge, we have created a solution that not only monitors the charging process, but also forecasts energy requirements and automatically adjusts charging plans.” This means a considerable improvement in operational processes, as the vehicles are always available on time and optimally charged.

A key feature of MOBILEcharge is its ability to work with systems from different manufacturers, which ensures broad applicability. The function of preconditioning the battery and cabin temperature is also particularly noteworthy. This extends the battery life and improves the passenger experience.

This type of technology will not only be essential for the future of urban mobility, but will also help to reduce the ecological footprint. Read the full article here:

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