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More reliability thanks to automated energy control

New in MOBILEcharge: Substation Monitoring

Overview of the energy quantity
The Substation Monitor is a tool that provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current energy utilization of your charging infrastructure. With a clear display of all relevant data, you can see in real time how much energy is still available to charge your buses. This information is not only crucial for ongoing operations, but also for the long-term planning and optimization of your resources.

Overview of the energy sources
The Substation Monitor not only measures energy consumption, but also shows how much energy is still available from the various sources. This allows you to make decisions about vehicle charging based on actual energy availability. Ancillary consumers such as company buildings on the site, workshops or similar are also monitored.

Overview of the electrical infrastructure
The new function makes energy flows visible and independently controlled. Technical problems can be detected at an early stage. Another new feature of the system is the ability to create optimized connections between substations. This is particularly useful if a substation fails or requires maintenance, as it allows the energy distribution to be adapted flexibly. Downtimes are reduced or, in the best case, prevented.

Full control over the substations
Previously, operators could only see the charging stations and buses – now they can also see the substations. Details can be easily added and edited. Now you can make informed decisions for creating redundancy layouts in emergencies.

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Introducing Substation Monitor for MOBILEcharge
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