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ISO 15118 e-mobility experts from different companies met at the Testival Europe 2021 in Stuttgart to perform ISO 15118 interoperability tests. In order for CCS to become globally accepted, it is of major importance to achieve and prove perfect interoperability between all CCS-equipped vehicles and CCS chargers. For SEW Eurodrive we were able to provide the appropriate software stacks and charging controllers for BMW, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, DEKRA, Mercedes Benz and VW. CarMedialab was able to perform successfully exciting test cases like Inductive Charging, Plug and Charge and High Power Charging. The results were great and are another step into the future.

Impressionen beim Testen

Impressionen beim Testen

Impressionen beim Testen

Impressionen beim Testen
Impressions during testing

About Smart Charging

Smart Charging by CarMedialab offers embedded systems that can be integrated equally well into the vehicle or the charging pole.


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