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A world in which
mobility is absolutely

We are open-minded, forward-thinking and passionate engineers. We are driven by our fascination for mobility. Our mission is to develop mobility solutions for the future in cooperation with our partners.

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25,000 of our systems are already in use and currently support our customers in a wide range of areas.

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More than 500 successfully completed projects prove our expertise.



We have clocked up 17 years of expertise in the automotive and telematics sector.

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Vehicle Testing

"Strong products. Top precision and performance. Exactly, what we needed."

Prof. Dr. Chris S. Langdon
President Pacific Coast Research Inc.,
Los Angeles, California

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smart charging

our clients

public transport

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On a mission

CarMedialab - the telematics company in the heart of the Karlsruhe technology region.

With fifteen years of experience, CarMedialab has firmly established itself as a telematics specialist in the automotive and energy industries.

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Our focus is on remote vehicle testing, smart charging and mobility solutions for public transport. The product spectrum ranges from embedded systems for use in vehicles or charging infrastructure to the complete system operation of telematics solutions.

This unique service is based on our solid telematics foundation. We use telematics to help our customers by handling all standard tasks for entire test fleets worldwide via remote access.

We live and act by our mission statement: “We help our customers provide great mobility products and services for their end users.” With this in mind we support our customers throughout the product life cycle, from the initial idea to the productive system. We give assistance during the development and testing phase – but also later on, in productive use.

The focus of our products has always been on trendsetting telematics. We are starting into the connected car era and are right on time and well prepared for projects in the field of autonomous driving and electric mobility.

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You can trust our comprehensive experience. For many years now, CarMedialab has not only developed systems for the automotive industry and the energy sector, but has also operated them with competence and responsibility over their whole life cycle. Our references speak for themselves.

Our portfolio includes reliable, tried and tested systems and telematics services that have been in successful use for years and will do much to lighten your workload. You can rely on us and concentrate entirely on your own services.

CarMedialab sets the highest standards in quality and performance. In the manufacture of your control devices we work exclusively with enterprises qualified in accordance to IATF 16949 standards.

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We owe our success above all to our team of young, forward-thinking people. With different focal points in project management, development and sales, we strike a balance which constitutes our unique corporate style.


Henri Depe Tchatchu


Sandro Anders


Heiko Bauer

Managing Director

CarMedialab Corp.

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Telephone: +1 (424) 645-5195
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