verify your bus order with the data tester gif animation of bus on the road, sending data. screen receiving information.
Data Tester animation: new bus sending data to be checked
Verify your Data

Data Tester

When you procure new buses, you need to ensure that they meet the requirements of the contract. They must have the right technical properties, but also the content of the data interfaces is important as they supply your IT systems with important information. As it stands today, these digital interfaces cannot simply be checked. This is where the Data Tester can help you with a simple plug and play solution that gives you a report with the information you need in just 3 steps.

Get what you pay for

Your buses must have certain characteristics to meet the demands of your fleet. This applies to hardware and technical features, as well as to software that controls your equipment and supplies it with data to ensure seamless integration. Our Data Tester helps you to quickly see if the software and data match what you have ordered.

Visible properties




Non-visible properties

Data flow

Battery data

Service data

Bus delivery procedure

With better data quality, you get “good” error messages.

process of ordering new buses in flowchart
process of ordering new buses in flowchart

What is the Data Tester?

The Data Tester is a set consisting of a data logger and app that gives you a breakdown of the quality characteristics of your data in 3 steps within minutes. Connect. Click. Download. Promise.

Why is data quality important?

The applications powered by vehicle data can only be as good as the quality of the data. Reliability is the be-all and end-all for fleet operators. Data helps at this point to make better decisions, among other things. The basis for this is decided when purchasing the vehicle: What data is available and how? Here is an example of an evaluation of the signal temperature in the interior.
Desktop example of checking the bus software with Data Tester: Precise error messages provide precise insight into deficiencies in the delivery

Insight into data quality

Low data quality

Standard check of the bus software: imprecise error messages provide little information about the problems
Error messages
are general and
not meaningful.

Better data quality

Checking the bus software with Data Tester: Precise error messages provide precise insight into deficiencies in the delivery
Error messages are
specific and detailed.

Your benefit


Experts for vehicle data with personal support right by your side.

Plug and Play

Connect, open app, download report. Simple and efficient.

Multiple use

One system for all buses.

Detailed error analysis

Breakdown of faulty data in detail.


Check your data, no matter when, no matter where.

All in one package

Data logger, cable set, app and manual all in one case.

Easy to use

Flowchart describing the usage of Data Tester
Flowchart describing the usage of Data Tester

Data Tester Package

Get the hardware and your personal access to the web application.

Data Logger

Connection cable


Storage case


Alles in einem Paket

Hardware + Software-Zugang (muss ersichtlich werden)

Data Tester Package PNG

Insights into the application

Learn more about the advantages of the Data Tester.
Data Tester in usage Appetizer Gif


This dashboard contains the individual vehicles with which test drives took place while data was being sent from the bus.


You will receive a checklist for inspecting and accepting your buses from the factory. You can use this to approach the manufacturer and point out any data problems with the interfaces. Filtering and sorting are possible.

Everything at a glance

Learn more about the Data Tester in this product information. The quickstart and the more detailed information about getting started will support you in your first steps with your Data Tester.

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