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Car manufacturers need to know what's happening inside a vehicle in today's complex world, both during the vehicle's development as well as throughout its subsequent life cycle. If you really want to get to know a vehicle comprehensively and efficiently, try using a remote procedure. For many years now, CarMedialab's core competency has been a combination of telematics and diagnostics expertise. The world's major car manufacturers are benefiting from this technology, using it to improve the quality of their vehicles and to reduce maintenance costs over their lifetime.

Core functions

flea 3


Compact information thanks to telediagnosis

Quality assurance

With the Flea 3, even data that is difficult to access can be accessed and the quality of the data remains assured.

Preparation of new telematics options

The introduction of the latest telematics options can be easily tested thanks to the Flea 3.

Customer behavior analysis

The customer - no big mystery. Thanks to the Flea 3, you can find out easily and specifically how the customer uses products or individual features in everyday life.

Protocol test vehicle

The behaviour of test vehicles is accurately recorded thanks to the Flea 3, so you can easily validate it.

Automatic development documentation

Fast feedback

Technical data about the Flea 3 can be found in our data sheet

First steps

In this video our student Maurice explains what to expect when unpacking our Flea 3 for the first time and how to connect the included accessories.


Thanks to its simple design, the Flea 3 can be installed quickly and space-savingly in any vehicle.

The system can be used and managed remotely. Configurations, processes, results, new software, new drivers, security updates – 100% remotely.

Data can be collected from various communication interfaces.

New compact services and algorithms can be developed and easily integrated into the system thanks to Embedded Linux.

The world's leading vehicle manufacturers are among our customers. Our remote analysis technology promises you improved vehicle quality and lower maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

Heiko Bauer, CEO


- Operating system: Embedded Linux / Kernel 4.1
- Operating voltage: 12 / 24 V
- Operating temperature: -40°C … +85°C
- Dimensions: 136 mm x 106 mm x 36 mm incl. main connection
- Start options: Ignition, CAN (activity), RTC, modem ring

– WLAN (optional)
- Ethernet: 10 Base-T / 100 Base-TX
– Bluetooth: V4.0 Dual Mode

– CAN: 5 x HS CAN interfaces or 4 x HS + 1 x LS CAN interface

– GPS / QZSS: 72-channel
– GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
- Positioning accuracy: 2.0 m / 2.5 m
3 V power supply for active antenna

– ELO-54:
– 2 x RS232,
– 1 x RS485 / 1 x J1708,
– 1 x K-Line/LIN, configurable
– 4 x CAN High Speed,
– 1 x CAN High / Low Speed,
– 1 x Ethernet RJ45,
– 1 x I2C,
– 8 x digital outputs,
– 8 x analog inputs
– 1 x socket for extension board

– Optional Extension Board:
– PLC,
– Wifi,
– 2 x CAN FD,
– Flexray

– USB:
– 1 x USB 2.0

- Antenna:
– GPS antenna connector
– GSM antenna connector

- Overvoltage protection: 36 V
– Standby: < 0.5 mA @ 12 V
- Idle state (warm start): < 10 mA @ 12 V
- Work mode: < 300 mA @ 12 V

Technical data about the Flea 3 can be found in our data sheet

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