Data Clearing Center

CarMedialab acts as a telematics service provider for small and medium sized fleet operators. Our Data Clearing Center integrates in-vehicle hardware with customers' back-end applications. You can concentrate on your data while we take care of the device integration and management.


Your focus is data, not devices

No investments in your infrastructure necessary

Quick and easy setup

Integration at server-server level

Device lifecycle management

Compact Information

  • Offboard counterpart to CarMedialab's onboard systems
  • Server-side communication gateway
  • System monitoring and management
  • Remote update, configurations and software

Essential Services

  • Integration
  • Integration server for telematics applications
  • Secure, reliable and scalable server based on standard technologies
  • Connection of devices with existing back-end applications

Important information
at a glance

Technical data about the Data Clearing Center can be found in our data sheet.

Important information
at a glance

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