MOBILEefficiency records real energy consumption and driving situations in connection with influencing factors, such as vehicle type, topology, route use and weather conditions, and automatically generates reports. In this respect, MOBILEefficiency provides important analysis and empirical values on energy requirements. By informing the driver (e.g. when braking too hard or accelerating) it also helps to achieve a more energy-efficient driving style, which can be further promoted by data-supported training measures.


Assistance system for safe and energy-efficient driving

Data acquisition

Automated recording of driving behavior and energy consumption in operational use with transmission to central information system

Driving assistance

Assistance function for the driver in real time with various display systems for on-board computer controls in the vehicle

Data usage

Use of data for training and analysis (planners, dispatchers, drivers and analysts)


Generating reports for making range predictions

Experience MOBILEefficiency in action

  • Analysis of vehicles, routes, sections of routes and operations in terms of energy consumption
  • Automatic report generation
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Assistance system for safe and energy-efficient driving
  • Data-based training measures to improve driving style
  • Web-based application

Key features

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