Advancing electromobility with efficient charging management: As the number of electric buses in the fleet increases, so does the need for the coordination of charging processes. In a relatively short time frame, a large number of vehicles must be provided with a lot of energy. MOBILEcharge meets the requirements of electromobility with parallel, controlled and automated charging processes in the depot by linking charging points, energy supply and operational information systems. 


Intelligent Charging System


Preparation of forecasts for depots and electricity suppliers

Charging Capacity

Parallel and automated charging processes


Protection of the battery through balanced total current load


Cost savings by reducing personnel requirements and loading peaks


See the advantages of intelligent charging management for yourself.

Monitoring and control during operation

Centralized charge management and depot management

MOBILEcharge provides energy demand forecasts and reports, monitors charging processes and ensures balanced load management to avoid expensive peak loads in the network.

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