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Intelligent Charging Management

We coordinate your growing electric bus fleet and, thanks to optimized load management, we can make the best use of charging opportunities in the depot or en route. Our load management system ensures parallel, controlled and automated charging processes. It links charging points, energy supplies and operational information systems with each other and enables balanced charging management. And, of course, we take into account your specific operational requirements, avoiding peak power where possible and availing of favorable energy tariffs


Your benefits

Benefit from our well-established system.


Preparation of forecasts for depots and electricity suppliers

Optimized charging performance

Parallel, controlled and automated charging processes

Battery management

Protection of the battery by balancing the total current load

Centralized charge management and depot management

Monitoring and control during operation


Save costs by reducing personnel requirements and avoiding charging peaks


See the advantages of intelligent charging management for yourself.


MOBILEcharge provides energy demand forecasts and reports, monitors charging processes and ensures balanced load management to avoid expensive peak loads in the network.

  • Cyclic charge planning
  • Load management and balancing
  • Monitoring of charging processes and alarming
  • Error analysis of your charging infrastructure including remote diagnostics
  • Integration in the application landscape between ITCS, depot management system and energy supplier
  • Reporting
  • Good integration into the INIT system landscape possible

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