Vehicle diagnostics  made easy 

It is essential for automotive manufacturers to know exactly what is happening inside their test vehicle while it is in operation. CarMedialab has developed a telediagnostics system that is second to none in efficiency, security and flexibility. Flea3, our small, light and cost-effective module is easy to install in the car. It enables permanent access to any required data from the vehicle’s onboard systems, providing the car manufacturer with valuable information as a basis for improvements. 

Versatile Uses 

CarMedialab’s Telediagnosis is the best choice, especially in situations where fast, precise data analysis is essential: 

  • Quality assurance 
  • Fast feedback programs 
  • Documentation of the status of construction 
  • Automatic documentation of the vehicle lifecycle 
  • Analysis of the real customer usage behavior 
  • Evaluation of new telematics applications 
  • Validation and error analysis

Plug and Play 

The system is ready for use immediately after installing our module. The pre-assembled cable sets enable fault-free connection to the measuring points. Simply plug in and start! 

Reliable and efficient. The telematics service of CarMedialab 

CarMedialab takes care of the safe, trouble-free recording and transmitting of your measurement data, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your data and processes. Our Data Clearing Center forms a bridge between the verhicle’s onboard system and your back-end application. CarMedialab’s reliable technology ensures that your data automatically reach your system, 24/7. 

And not only that: All configurations and updates are implemented via remote. Worldwide. 

Benefit from our experience - from start to finish  

CarMedialab supports you as a partner during the complete product lifecycle, from the first idea to the finished system. Use our experience for development and trial phases right up to the subsequent productive use.

German Engineering

We manufacture our devices exclusively with partners in Germany. Our strict quality inspection ensures that our devices are fit for even the roughest test operation.

Fleet Management made easy

Operators of test fleets save time and money with CarMedialab and automatically improve their development processes. You can manage all your field devices from your desk. Our technology gives you results faster and accelerates your project.

Irrespective of the size of your fleet: once configuration has been established, it is easily transferred to the whole fleet via remote. Instantly. Worldwide. As often as you like.

“Must-Have” for your test vehicles

Whenever things really need to work: Come to CarMedialab. Our technology is already being used successfully in numerous projects worldwide. Many thousands of vehicles are equipped with devices by CarMedialab. There is no easier way of controlling your test vehicles. Let us develop the mobility of the future together.



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