Pioneering telematics solutions by CarMedialab

Car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure, car-to-whatever… We create connections that work. With our telediagnosis devices and services you always have your data fully under control, wherever you are. The ingenious Smart Charging system by CarMedialab revolutionizes the charging process pf electric vehicles. Strong products for today and tomorrow.

Smart Charging

Emission-free mobility combined with comfort and convenience

This is what all motorists, car-manufacturers and energy suppliers wish for. However, when it comes to charging vehicles, everyone has their own idea. Thanks to smart charging, all interests are coordinated at the interface between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

Drivers want freedom of movement

In this context, standardization and freedom from discrimination are especially important, since motorists expect interoperability. When buying an automobile, drivers do not wish to be bound contractually, geographically or technologically to a single energy supplier and its charging poles. Rather, as with petrol filling stations they expect to be able to charge and pay at any charging point.

The solution: Smart Charging by CarMedialab

  • Communication between the vehicle and the charging station
  • Vehicle identification and authorization at charging pole
  • Exchange of contract data
  • Start, surveillance, control and termination of the charging procedure
  • Billing and payment
  • In car fleets: Parallelization and charging management
  • Sustainable and inexpensive.

Another significant feature: Smart Charging provides a basis for innovative concepts of load management and for feeding energy back into the grid. Smart Charging by CarMedialab offers embedded systems that can be integrated equally well into the vehicle or the charging pole.

Clever communication...

…on which you can build the future. Systems by CarMedialab are easily extensible and are thus equipped for developments the future may bring.


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