New year, new product

The new year starts with a new product in cooperation with init SE: the efficient charge management MOBILEcharge.

By bringing together our IT know-how and the experience of Init as the world's leading provider of IT solutions for public transport, the MobileCharge product was created from the MobileECO2 product family.

To find its way into public transportation, electric mobility needs a lot of coordination in advance: When and for how long will the electric buses run? How is it ensured that they do not stop in the middle of the journey? And how can several buses be charged at the same time?

Thanks to our new product, there will be an answer to all of these questions. MOBILEcharge coordinates the charging processes, whether parallel, controlled or automated – with our system every battery in your fleet is fully charged.

MOBILEcharge coordinates the loading operations of your fleet and takes care of issues such as timing, duration and simultaneity
of the loading process.

More information about this exciting new product can be found in the product video linked. 

Such strong products as MobileCharge show it once again: with Team Play great things can be achieved.



If you have any questions about the MOBILEcharge, please contact INIT.

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