flea 4

Installation Flea 4+: Plug and Play

Maurice installs the Flea 4+ in an electric vehicle. The Flea 4+ is CarMedialab’s new embedded platform for intelligent data acquisition and is tailored for use in vehicle development. Plug and Play

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flea 4

Happy New Flea!

We welcome in 2020 and the new decade with a very special highlight – the release of our brand-new Flea 4+!

The follow-up to our successful Flea 3 offers up-to-date vehicle interfaces, improved communication and more extensive sensor technology …

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Flea 3 Newton Motos

Absolutely multifaceted: Flea 3 meets Newron Motors

Our Fleas do not only convince the automotive market – even motorcycle manufacturers like the french Newron Motors like to rely on our products. We’re really happy to announce that Newron Motors integrated our Flea 3 in their innovative electro motorcycle …

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